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EVE Writing Services was approached by a local lord and former trade union general secretary with his handwritten memoirs and asked to create something special. Lord Garfield Davies of Coity CBE and his family wanted to immortalise what can only be described as a fascinating life in book form; we were happy to oblige.


The Process

After an initial meeting with Lord and Lady Davies, we read through the handwritten notes and began the arduous task of typing up the material. Then ensued a number of interviews to ensure that the content was correct and to make any changes to the core material.

We contracted the services of our associate, former Daily Telegraph sub Adam Grace, who is approximately the same age and of similar political leaning to Lord Davies, as well as being a published novelist (The Tina Project and Keep Breathing). Adam took on the role of ghostwriter on Lord Davies’ behalf.

There wasn’t nearly enough material to fill a book so the next stage of the process required further interviews at monthly intervals. We decided on a format for the book, splitting the content into three sections and unearthed relevant images to accompany each part.

Material was then honed by Adam to add personality and transform what came to us as a report into a compelling read. We spoke with family, friends and former colleagues to get a real feel for Lord Davies’ character, the changes he helped to bring about and to uncover the emotion so key to making a work of this kind resonate with readers.

Almost a year into the process, the book was complete. We then used our contacts to source a publisher and arrange for the book to be printed. This took a number of weeks and several rounds of edits until finally, the working copy arrived. After a few final adjustments, the book was published in paperback and hardback and is now available on Amazon.

We organised the launch of the book at a local venue and got in touch with the local, regional and trade union press. The event was covered by local paper the Stockport Express, two Welsh publications and in various locations on social media, as well as by USDAW publication Network.

The result

Lord and Lady Davies were overjoyed to see Garfield’s fascinating life immortalised in Overalls to Ermine – the book has become a real talking point and something of a family treasure.

Originally, the publication was produced as a family keepsake, but having sold more than 1,000 copies in just a matter of months, the book has become an overnight success and is generating revenue. Circulating locally and nationally, Overalls to Ermine has met with acclaim from readers.

“EVE Writing Services did a remarkable job – the result was amazing.”


Lord Davies of Coity CBE

author of Overalls to Ermine