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Freelance copywriting: a race to the bottom?

Freelance copywriters: what’s your worth? It’s a question that I’ve contemplated a lot over the last year. Even after freelancing for several years, knowing how much to charge isn’t easy - and it’s not an...

copywriting lessons from 2018

5 copywriting lessons I’ve learned in 2018

5 copywriting lessons I’ve learned in 2018 Copywriting, like any other professional job, is a lifelong learning curve. For me, 2018 has been a massive year of taking risks and pushing myself. Along the way I’ve...

6 top tips for successful SEO blogging

Blogging: it’s everywhere. In recent years this online phenomenon has truly taken off as businesses realise the importance of developing a comprehensive online presence. Achieving success through your blog, however, isn’t as simple as putting...

5 Ways to write better headlines now

Headlines are arguably the most important element of any written piece in terms of getting an audience’s attention. Those big, bold letters are key to drawing in readers, which can often be the hardest part...