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EVE Writing Services announces social media marketing

Introducing social media marketing from EVE Writing Services

It’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front of late but we’ve a good reason: the latest exciting development at EVE Writing Services HQ has been taking up most of our time. We’re really pleased to announce the launch of our branded social media marketing services for businesses in and around Manchester.

Over the past month, we’ve been trialling and tailoring a social media service provision. I’m pleased to say that we’re now offering social media management and marketing as a supplement.

After several requests for social media services, I decided to take the plunge. For a few months now I’ve been managing a client’s social media accounts on their behalf, which has been both fun and educational. It made me realise, however, just how much work goes into social media management – it really is a full-time job.

Researching the client and their customers, finding out where their audience hangs out (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram…) and how (Desktop? Mobile?), exploring the subtle nuances of each different social media platform and then creating appropriate content… well, when combined, all of these key elements add up to a lot of time and effort.

As my skills lie in copywriting, I’ve now taken on a dedicated social media manager to work under the EVE Writing Services banner. She’s super experienced and a great writer too, having won awards for her blogging skills. I firmly believe in hiring someone with the expertise to deliver specialist services; having someone work with me on social media marketing allows me to focus on what I’m best at while ensuring the client receives first class service.

I’m still fully involved in the process, though. It’s up to me to establish the client and audience profiles and to maintain a productive working relationship with customers. I then work with my social media manager to come up with a content calendar and together, we manage the accounts, testing and honing the service so that it’s individually tailored to each client.

What sort of social media marketing do we offer?

The answer is all sorts. We started out working on an account for a dog groomer (I happen to LOVE dogs and have lots of experience writing about them), managing the client’s Facebook page. After a year away from social, the client wanted to re-engage with her customers and get a bit more attention online.

We planned a return that would go off with a bang, beginning with a great competition that really drove up engagement and boosted page likes organically. We then tried out a variety of post types, including branded graphics, shares of related content, interactive question posts and more. Through trial and error, we established that posts performed better when delivered every other day, rather than daily or more often. This meant we could set a budget and schedule for the month ahead and stick to a strategy.

Over the last few months we’ve run contests, created some gorgeous images and really ramped up engagement via the page. In total, about £20 was spent on Facebook ads at a time when a local competitor was closing down, just to make sure that potential customers could find a great alternative.

Manchester social media marketing from EVE Writing Services

Why labour over your social media marketing when you could be turning your attention to what you really love? From Facebook ads to boomerangs on Insta, we’ve got social media marketing covered. Our fees are tailored to your goals, so get in touch for a free consultation and a quote on our Manchester social media specialist services.

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