SEO – Why it’s more important now than ever before


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SEO – Why it’s more important now than ever before

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a term that’s been bandied about for a few decades now. Essentially, SEO relates to tailoring your website, blog, social posts to get the attention of search engines like Google.

Years ago, webmasters figured out the basis of how search engines work and what they look for when returning results – key words and phrases, repetition of these, the number of backlinks and so forth; for decades, searchers were confronted with a barrage of spam as a result of underhand SEO tactics that sought to subvert search engines.

In recent years, search giants like Google have clamped down on bad SEO techniques, such as overuse of keywords, paid backlinks and spammy, nonsensical content; now, the search engine assesses dozens of elements when returning results to searchers, taking into account factors like organic keywording, quality of content and the site’s authority. As a result, SEO has grown into a different beast.

Since these changes were implemented, I’ve heard complaints of websites being blacklisted and content marketers struggling to provide clients with the results they were seeing prior to the changes. The suggestion has even been made that SEO is dead… it’s not.

In my mind, SEO has never been in a better, more free position, nor more alive. Why? Because the pressure to achieve results through subversive techniques – which essentially give your brand a bad name – has been removed and replaced with need to build a successful brand, much in the same way as companies develop a reputable business from the ground up.

Yes, it’s a constantly-evolving journey, but it’s ripe with opportunity and rewards. The satisfaction of getting the results you want and having earned them is a far superior experience than employing underhand methods while always looking over your shoulder.

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1) Prime position – It’s still important to use keywords that are relevant to your industry but, instead of overusing terms (which can earn you a penalty from Google), focus on where you use them. Ideally, keywords should give readers an idea of what to expect from the content on that specific page, so include a keyword in the title, the body of the text and any descriptions like preview snippets, meta tags and such.

2) Variety is the spice of life – Google and other search engines still look for keywords in websites to ascertain their relevance to search terms, but it’s bad practice to repeat the same words or phrases. What has become more important in recent years is the variety of keywords, so having a key term and finding variations, or adding relevant words to create longer, more detailed phrases are both means of attracting the attention of search engines.

3) Content with your copy – To boost your SEO efforts, produce regular, quality copy that uses organic keywording. Google checks for regularity when assessing websites, and crawls copy to look for relevant terms and quality markers. Produce enticing, informative content on a regular basis and you’ll improve your chances of showing up in search.



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  1. adam grace

    I’m impressed but how can it help sell my book? Lol

    • Fran Newton

      Hi Adam, I would suggest you maintain your blog regularly, along with social profiles on Twitter, Facebook etc. I can help you figure out appropriate keywords and phrases to weave into what you write – this should help your posts show up better in search. Other than that, it may be worth establishing an ad campaign, either on Google or Facebook, but this is obviously going to cost!

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