Is your SEO strategy Christmas-ready?

Is your SEO strategy Christmas-ready?

It may only be October but already the supermarkets are stocking up on Christmas goodies and the TV adverts are counting down the days to that special time of year. As businesses gear up for the festive sales, it’s time to ask: is your SEO strategy Christmas-ready?

Search engine optimisation is a useful marketing tool for businesses across the board but especially for companies selling products, and there’s no better time of year to take advantage of buyers who are already champing at the bit to part with their cash. Christmas is a time of giving but also a time of buying; sales figures spike in the run-up to the big day and the most prepared shoppers are already starting to tick items off their gift lists.

To make the most of an audience virtually begging to be told what to buy between now and Christmas Day, it’s prime time to start working effective SEO techniques into your sales strategy. Follow our top five tips for integrating SEO techniques and start celebrating Christmas early!

Optimise your site for mobile sales

Sales made over mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have rocketed in recent years, now accounting for more than 40 per cent of ecommerce transactions, so it makes sense to optimise your website to ensure it’s easy for buyers to find and purchase items on their gadgets. Taking SEO factors into account, you’re more likely to rank better in search results if your mobile site is functional, fast and easy to navigate, so start putting these measures into place as early as you can.

Vary your Christmas keywords

Spend some time assessing how you rank for Christmas keywords and build on the results by including keyword variants that should pull in more traffic. Consider the different terms your customers use when shopping for Christmas gifts, such as ‘Christmas presents for dad’ but don’t forget to use alternatives like ‘Christmas gifts for fathers’. Slight changes to key phrases won’t hurt your search rankings if they have the same intent and can help drive traffic to your site that you’ve missed out on previously.

Set up a social media strategy

Social media is an important part of the sales process, with buyers checking out your latest products, looking for reviews and generally investigating companies through mediums like Facebook and Twitter, so use this to your advantage by keeping your followers, fans and anyone else who engages with your brand up to date. Plug your latest and greatest products and showcase your seasonal offers, along with discount codes, competitions and other value-added methods of getting your audience’s attention well ahead of the main event.

Reuse your target pages

If you’ve already got seasonal sales pages on your website, it’s worth reusing these year in and year out, as they will have accrued an amount of authority based on their longevity and the keywords they rank for. Rather than setting up fresh pages each year and waiting up to six months for them to start ranking, or even worse, adding pages that compete for keywords with other pages on your site, simply demote the pages after Christmas so they are no longer visible to users but keep them linked from the HTML sitemap.

Don’t switch off your strategy until after Christmas

It’s often a mistake to cut your Christmas SEO strategy as soon as the day is over, as you could miss out on that all-important Boxing Day traffic. Many customers are waiting to pick up the best deals or heavy discounts straight after Christmas and some big brands have even moved their seasonal sales to Christmas Eve; if you’re planning something similar, the days immediately after Christmas may well maintain momentum in terms of sales if you keep your SEO strategy in place for a little while longer.

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