Google Pirate 2: Is your website walking a perilous plank?

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Google Pirate 2: Is your website walking a perilous plank?

As Halloween approaches and I’m half-tempted to drag out last year’s pirate costume and enjoy a bottle of rum (or three) with my hearties, I discovered a spooky coincidence: search giant Google is rolling out changes to its Pirate update around All Hallows Eve.

A tenuous link it may be but it’s inspired me to do some digging around to find out a bit more about Pirate 2 and how it will impact on SEO as the effects are felt over the coming days.

What is Google Pirate 2?

From time to time, Google makes changes to its algorithms – the filters it uses to work out how credible and useful web content is for searchers. The initial Pirate update was announced back in 2012 but it seems some overdue maintenance is being performed at the present time.

The goal of Google’s Pirate update is pretty self-explanatory – the search engine launched the update in an attempt to crack down on internet piracy, and it seems these new tweaks will hit torrent and sharing sites hard.

How will Google Pirate 2 affect SEO?

When working out which websites are the most authoritative and useful, Google also measures how trustworthy sites are and can pick up on illegal goings-on, such as the sharing of pirated content.

Sites used for sharing files are expected to be penalised if caught under the changes made with Pirate 2, and reports have already started coming in that the update has been rolled out early and has started to negatively affect torrent sites.

Keyword drops and reductions in search traffic will be the likely results for sites found to be contravening copyright laws by distributing pirated content and it may be that penalties cannot be reversed until the necessary amendments are made and the update is run again in the future.

What changes have been made to the Pirate update?

The new and improved Pirate 2 digs deeper in the search for copyright infringements. Sites that are reported for copyright violations will be penalised by the search engine and webmasters will invariably notice a significant drop in rankings, with some sites even being removed from search results altogether.

Key words and phrases that allude to the distribution of pirated content are being targeted and websites using these phrases are likely to experience a massive drop in traffic – more details can be found here.

So, buccaneers beware, there’s a new pirate in town. If you haven’t already, now is the time to rework your SEO strategy and overhaul keywords that could see your marketing campaign capsize. EVE Writing Services uses organic SEO techniques to produce quality content – get in touch with us today to find out more.

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